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Aurora: I remember you. Pretty Bird!
Diaval: Hello Aurora, I've known you since you were a little one
Me: I ship it


went to go see Maleficent today…

came out shipping Aurora and Diaval


"Domande, domande, domande *-*
Ci ho preso davvero gusto XD"
My Headcanon for the final season and scene of Supernatural
[After a sequence of time passing with probably a voice over by Chuck it fades to Megatron, who is in a Garden in heaven and he turns when he feels a familiar presence only to find Castiel behind him, with his typical Cas gaze looking at him]
Megatron: Castiel! It's been a long time, so you're finally here. So tell me, brother, did you have a good human life? Who did you spend it with?
[Castiel doesn't say a word, but there's a familiar voice behind him]
Dean: with me.
[Megatron looks over Castiel's shoulder to see Dean but a few meters from Castiel on the road of heaven, leaning against his Impala with his back, hands in his jacket pockets, ankles crossed, looking casual but with that same Dean like stoic appearance, on the other side of the car is Sam, leaning frontways on the roof of the Impala with his arms, hands clasped, just looking too. Megatron, actually surprised, and a little confused glances from Castiel to Dean]
Dean: you got a problem with that?
Megatron: No, I'm just a little surprised, I mean, I know who you are
[Dean pushes himself off the car casually and strolls towards Castiel and Megatron]
Megatron: (cont'd) You're Dean Winchester, what an interesting turn of events-
[Before Megatron can go on further, Dean socks him on the jaw and he falls to the ground, holding his face with a cry, Castiel just looks at Megatron on the grass]
Dean: [to Megatron] you're a dick
[Sam looks highly amused from his spot at the car]
Dean: [looking around briefly] man, I waited a lifetime to do that, literally [glances at Megatron groaning on the grass] man what a bitch [sighs lightly and claps a hand on Castiel's shoulder] c'mon babe, lets go find Mom
[Dean strolls towards the car and Sam, Sam is laughing a little and now stands on the pathway, Castiel smiles a bit at Megatron and then obediently follows after Dean]
Sam: [to Dean] wanna find Ash a bit later?
Dean: [joining Sam on the path] yeah why not, we got time
[Megatron sits up, rubbing his jaw]
Sam: [off screen] we got forever time
Castiel: [joining them on the other side of Dean] I always liked this part of heaven
Dean: well we'll explore it [smiles and puts arms around Castiel and Sam] every area, but right now I want a piece of Mom's apple pie
Sam: yeah, you said it
Dean: ahh, perfection [to Megatron] yo dude! [pointing] don't touch my car! [to Castiel] seriously, the best pies ever
Castiel: [walking with the Winchesters] you said that in every single state we hunted in
[The boys continue up the path, their backs to us the viewing audience, walking further away]
Sam: thank you! I wasn't the only one to notice that!
Dean: hey hey hey, I went an entire year once without pie, goddammit, the pie and I shall never be separated again!
Castiel: I'm concerned for your adoration of pie, Dean
Dean: [chuckles] don't worry babe, you're number one in my book, always have been
Sam: dudes, seriously? can we save the lovestruck scene till after dinner?
Dean: bitch
Sam: jerk
[and end]
Yeah I think too much. It would probably be called "Carry on my Wayward Son"


JIBCON 2013 - Jensen & Misha Sunday Panel & Closing Ceremony

Credit: (todokanai01)


What did that look mean? (x)

i tried not to reblog it i really did



Cockles Mating Dance (Reprise)

It’s all about the pelvis.




If you go into the bathroom and turn off the lights and say ” I hate Jared Padalecki” 3 times Jensen Ackles will appear and punch you in the throat

Whatever it takes to get Jensen Ackles to appear in my bathroom